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Diabetes Association Conference (Damascus)

ALKAMAL company was one from over 20 companies were participated in this meeting with presence of the minister of health

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  • IN 2009: achieved targeted sales for NCPI with a growth of 25 % than 2008
  • IN 2010: achieved growth of 30 % than 2009(excluding newly launched products) upgrading the rank of NCPI from 5th to 3rd.
  • Succeeded in building a strong business relationship with more than 6000 private sales channels (pharmacies) for NCPI all over the country.
  • Succeeded in Building High reputation for NCPI Items within the medical community.
  • Succeeded in building desired positive reputation and perception for NCPI Items through effective participation in the social community.
  • Succeeded to gain loyalty of more than 5000 physicians all around Syria. (Through tense and active participation in medical conferences) & direct constant visits.
  • Annual turnover: 2 billions s.p or approx. 40,000,000 $