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Diabetes Association Conference (Damascus)

ALKAMAL company was one from over 20 companies were participated in this meeting with presence of the minister of health

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  • Antibiotics

    NCPI concern is to provide physician with various antibiotics categories with various strengths and dosage forms to suit physician practice and increase customer compliance.

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  • Oral Hypoglycemic Drugs

    The prevalence of Diabetius mellitus especially type II among young and old patients is increasing in the world and in our region tremendously,thus providing wide range of oral hypoglycemics is essential.

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  • Cardiovasculars

    CV disease risk is prevailing in young and old adults, thats why we have specialized products for this category.

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  • Urogenital Drugs

    Urogenital diseases have a significant effect on patient life ,thus treating them with many unique drugs is very vital.

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  • Anti-inflammatory Drugs

    Ncpi manufactures many anti-inflammatory drugs combining desirable effect and high safety profile .

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  • Neurological & Psychological drugs

    We have satisfactory range of products serving this category,since neurological & phychological diseases are prevailing in young adults also.Since the patients are undergoing stressful conditions in these days.

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  • General Anesthetics

    We are pioneers in providing the region with general anathetic products since 1990,and still expanding.

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  • Miscellaneous

    We provide various specialties with drugs essential to serve the medical sectors.

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