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Diabetes Association Conference (Damascus)

ALKAMAL company was one from over 20 companies were participated in this meeting with presence of the minister of health

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Addresses And Locations

Head quarter, Alfurkan, Besides Aleppo hospital, Alkamal Building
Ground floor: Aleppo's Warehouse
1st & 2nd: Top Mgmt, Scientific Office, Promotion Mgmt, HR, Financial Export Offices
Tel: 00963-21-2630051
Fax: 00963-21-2630053


Roukin Eldin street, Barnieh
Ground floor: Damascus warehouse, 1st floor: Scientific & Marketing offices



Mashrou Elasher.Lattakia warehouse American Street.. Marketing & Scientific Office.

Alhamrat , Military police circle, near Lawadesta Restaurant 1-floor building, ground warehouse & 2nd floor Marketing& scientific offices.