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Diabetes Association Conference (Damascus)

ALKAMAL company was one from over 20 companies were participated in this meeting with presence of the minister of health

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Other ALKAMAL facilities that support medical & pharmaceutical services:

  • ALKAMAL advertising agency which gives access to all media tools like (TV, Newspapers, magazines, Billboards, Radio, etc...)
  • ALKAMAL Medical Journal (AMJ) which supports various segments of physicians (Residents and specialized Doctors) with updated scientific material and articles. In cooperation with our high scientific professional consultant customers, to publish their articles, also as part of customer loyalty program.(to keep long term loyalty and cooperation).


ALKAMAL For Organization Of Forums And Conferences:

Our Marketing team organized two big conferences for NCPI in cooperation with medical societies and associations. (All participants were invited and full board covered)

NCPI 1st conference for cardiovascular diseases:
Held in Tunisia, Hamamat , 200 cardiologists participated in the conference in association with Tunisian Society for cardiovascular diseases, 11 - 23 November 2009.

NCPI 2nd conference for internal diseases:
Held in Turkey, Antalya, 6-14 October, 1900 physicians and associates from various specialties were invited to participate: (cardiologists, endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, neurologists, pulmonary & thoracic physicians)

The Conference was organized in association with Syrian and Turkish association members. It was a fruitful experience and very efficient.